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5 Biggest Blogging Challenges (And Their Workable Solutions)

5 biggest challenges facing bloggers and their solution
5 Biggest Challenges Facing Bloggers and Their Solutions

Let's start with the bad news. The blogosphere market place is now oversaturated with sellers and the market is fast bogging down. Many bloggers will go cash-strapped if they don't learn fast. If you have not read my article "5 Evergreen Ways Newbie Bloggers Can Generate Revenues (And Beat Adblocker), you'd better go  and do so now.

Blogging is great, interesting and lucrative. 

Whether for commerce or information or how-to, everyone on the internet visits a blog for a purpose. But those interesting things you often read or/and enjoy for free didn't happen without hard-boiled challenges for bloggers. 

In spite of these challenges, why do some bloggers thrive while others fail?

After reading everything blogging from back-to-back, investing on costly courses and even watching endless tutorials, you still find yourself below edge. Your investment is fast going up in the stratosphere and it appears -- or seems obvious -- you will never make anything out of your moribund blog.

I understand your plight. To quote Bill Clinton “I feel your pain.” But I understand this more because I've been there, too. And in spite of what you might have heard, you can still make it as a blogger. That's the good news of this post.

I'm not about to take you through that harrowing circle again (I assure you). I have identified 5 prominent problems most bloggers face and how to solve them, the materials you need and the commitment you need to to solve them. And all I ask of you before you read on is to answer this simple question: Do I have a burning desire to succeed as a blogger? If your answer is resolved in positive, then take a look at these things.

1. Generating Traffic 

Whether you put a product out there for sale or you just monetise your blog through affiliate marketing, Adsense and the likes, traffic is the bane of our business as bloggers.

When people don't discover you, they can't buy from you and when they do and are not just plenty enough, you will make too little from your monetisation strategy. You probably already knew that 40,000 visitors a day can only generate as little as $40 dollars a day in Adsense. And that means if you are going to have six figures income from your blog, you'd be needing more than that.

Luckily, a lot of handy tips have been provided on this question. While it is apparently clear that you cannot execute every single one of them, concentrate your effort on these 5 indispensable things:

1. Keyword research. 

Why keyword research first? you may ask.

I turns out finding the right keyword is your most important asset in generating organic traffic. And organic traffic is important, not only because it doesn't cost you a fortune but because this research shows it brings more traffic than paid Ad. So, when finding the right keyword becomes the next line of action, all you need do is head towards any of these sites: WordstreamUbersuggest, and Buzzsumo. Once you get there, you will know what to do next.

2. Create experiences by using visuals.

Countless researches are showing how more people are placing emphasis on visuals. I recall how stunned I was the first day I visited Upfront to study their submission guidelines. Their use of visuals was just so amazing that I wanted to go over all their pieces one after the other. It was nothing short of a movie set. The more visuals you use, the likelier it is that your post will be shared. That’s the secret.

3. Engage your readers in the comment section.

Many of your readers will be happy with the information they got from your website, then some will love to make additional contribution or ask some questions. Let them know you know your niche in and out by engaging them in the comment section. Trust me, it is only a matter of time before you become an influencer.

4. Produce much of quality contents.

Every single question in this world leads us to more. For readers who are simply in need of answers to their questions, reading more is inevitable. Write more of quality contents that answer the question your readers are asking. Write anything related to it. It will get them to click more on your website. 

5. Blog Structure.

 Use these 3 things pre-eminently:
  • Subheadings, 
  • Bullets
  • Numbered list.

2. Generating topic ideas

If you research quite a lot, you'd find out that almost every aspect of your niche has been well covered by the industry big boys. Not to mention, writer's block is just a few step away from you.

To win others to read on your blog, you've got to always come up with a new idea and a unique perspective. Right?


Go back to what others have written, there is always a new thing to discuss, a new topic open for discussion and something they haven't touched enough yet. You have a great chance of getting new ideas everyday, but from where?

While it may appear there are many tools to help you generate blog ideas, it is best to use an organic way of generating ideas for your blog. What you should simply do is this: visit big sites that offer articles about your niche. See what others are writing about and how you can smartly contribute to it in a better way. I am a contributor to big publications as well, and there are thousands of us from all over the world. If you are looking for where to get ideas, you can't exhaust the resources in those sites before you start to brim with ideas.

Another organic way is to hang around on Quora. Stalk it every time. People are always asking curious questions and amazing answers are being provided. Both the questions and answers can be used to your advantage.

That's still not enough?  Alltop, Buzzsomo and Hubspot Blog Idea’s Generator are just the right tool for you. Visit those site and seek help from those applications, Hubspot is my own favourite.

3. Becoming an expert in your niche

"Yes, I know I enjoy talking about that thing but I just don't know enough of it. I'm not an expert. Won't I be an impostor for trying to offer advice in something I'm not so well versed in?"

That sounds like you, right? 

Give me a break.

You will never know enough. No matter how good you are, some people will always be better. 

You are a blogger and that makes you an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs evolve. You learn everyday. What sets most great writers apart is nothing more than their ability to research madly and brainstorm rigorously. I've read about imposter syndrome from many great writers, for you to know it happens to us all. You really will never know enough. Knowledge and truth are endless exercise.

If you doubt me, hear Zig Ziglar out on this 

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Sounds inspiring? Great!

4. Fear of publishing your worthless ramblings

You probably find yourself always asking “Is it good enough?” “What if I've committed errors?” “Oh, my style is boring” 

Yes, I understand, it’s really hard to beat the great guys out there. 

That’s an understatement. It’s unimaginable to compete with them.

But let me ask you a question. Do you have a favourite author? How many of their books or articles do you know? Which one is the most successful? 

What you will learn from answering that question is this: You really need a lot of nonsense before you can make sense. You really can't tell which of your work is going to perform better. The more you do publish, the more you can learn from your mistake and improve for the next time.

On the other hand, Abdullahi Muhammed, the founder of Oxygenmat suggests that it’s more important to fill your content with information. Visitors to your blog come there for that one and only purpose. 

If you provide a useful information, any other thing can be overlooked, including your floundering grammar. Seeing this advice is coming from a behemoth writer like Abdullahi, it is incontestable.

5. Focusing

You have heard it and I’ve heard it too, that specific blogs should be for specific information. My experiences with different blogs prove otherwise. Unless you are creating a strict freelance writer portfolio, feel free to cover as much topic as you are capable of. Just make sure you deliver. Carol Tice is a first class freelance writer and a coach, yet her blog offers advice on ranges of topics. There are thousands of examples out there.


Blogging, like any other enterprise, has its mind-shattering challenges. But you can't afford to turn your back against it because of this reality. Like you will in any other business, you have to cope and find your way around these challenges. Regardless of what you chose to do, those 5 challenges I mentioned here are the leading factors of failure for many bloggers. And you can beat them. I've just made it easy for you.

Go on and do it. You have my permission now, though you don't need it.


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