Sunday, 31 December 2017

5 Evergreen Ways Newbie Bloggers Can Generate Revenue (And Bypass Adblocker)

How bloggers can beat adblocker and make money

So many things without which our world would be a much different place today are creation of bloggers. Without them, E-learning, easy access to How-tos and the next door pool of information may not be in existence. Bloggers are a wonderful group of people driven by vision and inspiration to employ creativity as a means to create a better world. To describe them as mere examples of entrepreneur would be unjust; bloggers are the perfect definition of entrepreneur. And too often than not, there efforts are rewarded.

Not so in Adblocker world, where Adblock Plus, Adfender and Popup Blocker Pro, among others, threaten to truncate the reward of this hardworking group of people. According to PageFair, over 615 million people across the globe now use Adblock. And even giant websites and bloggers are running amok over this fiendish revenue killer. How much more of newbies who have neither the resources nor the leverage of giants?

Many systems have been adopted by big media companies to fight it. For example, The Guardian UK now politely asks its readers to give monetary support; Forbes winsomely urges readers to turn off their Adblocker or whitelist its website and even social media giants like Facebook have had their fair share of trepidation. Also, some companies have been said to create codes that bypass Adblockers, however ended up being brutally unpopular. But of all the options mentioned above -or not mentioned- none seems available for blogging youngsters.

So how can newbie bloggers escape this financial homicide? The simple answer is to look beyond Adsense -- for some evergreen opportunities. In this piece, I present five evergreen ways new bloggers can beat Adblocker and generate fine revenue.

1.   Become an influencer
Influencer marketing exploded in 2016 and since then, more and more brands have been turning to this group of digital pop stars to reach newer audiences. 51% of marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing and influencer marketing was rated as the fastest-growing online customer acquisition channel. And this trend is likely going to endure for long time. But how do bloggers fit in into this category?

According to Marketing Schools, “Bloggers have become more important influencers because they are seen as authentic and have loyal followings. When a blogger recommends a product, it seems more trustworthy than traditional advertising.” 

For bloggers, becoming an influencer should even be a reflex. Reason being that, through their amazing outputs, bloggers are respected because of their ability to teach, outstanding judgment IQ and fast learning ability. Strive to become an influencer today and see how businesses rush to you for endorsement.

2.   Sell digital products
Digital products include E-books, Research, Podcasts, Coaching Tutorials and Software among others.

In a world of Internet of things, you need not stress it. Good products can come straight from your room to the world. You can sit right there in your office and sell products. All you need is to make sure you deliver value.

Imagine: By 2022, e-learning market worldwide would have reached 243 billion US dollars, according to these projections, while E-book sales will account for about a quarter of global book sales by 2018, as projected by this statisitics.

The statistics are eye-opening for serious entrepreneurs in the blogosphere. And whether you have chances to make money from this or not would depend only on your effort.

3.   Become a consultant
Here lies another chance to make money while you are asleep. Time and again, successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons have emphasized the importance of solving problems, if you want to get rich. Today, the world has too many things to worry about. And consultants can always make life a lot easier.

Going into business does not always mean you are a business expert, just as getting sick does not make you a doctor. It means you are in a new condition, where getting any help you can is necessary. There are business men out there, ailing guys, couples, heartbroken individuals and many more that are willing to pay big or small dollars for consultation.

If you are highly qualified in some way or have a service that you feel can genuinely help solve a problem for someone, get them to the next level in their career, or just make their life easier you are a good fit for this.

4.   Become a freelance writer
Objectively, the reason for starting a blog cannot go beyond three things: Giving your business an online presence, creating awareness or showcasing your knowledge or skill. Most personal bloggers fall in the third category. And hardly can we see a useless skill in our time. Rather, what we have is untapped or under-used set of skills.

You can be a writer with deep knowledge and passion on a particular subject, you can be a web designer with a blog as your portfolio or a marketing guru; whatever you are, the gig economy has a space for you.

Hone your skill as a writer and be ready to do high-standard research. Great copywriters as well as writers of different categories are making cool cash from their expertise.

5.   Create a job board
Global job revenue is growing fast, yet this path remains one of the less taken routes by bloggers.

This is one of the most straightforward paths if your intent on starting a blog is to make money. But who doesn't want to make money from doing what they love? While most successful entrepreneurs have the common mission of solving problems for others, creating a job board helps you fulfil two things at a time: solving problems for both employers and job seekers and making money-- two things every entrepreneur desire to achieve.

You can learn more on how to go by this here.

Real data and statistics coming in seem to be prophesying high rise in the adoption of Adblock. And even successful bloggers do not seem to get past it. While Adsense continue to generate huge revenues for big bloggers at the moment, newbies may be denied such chances. You don’t have to wait till you lose revenue; you can start to build yourself an alternative yet equally rewarding revenue stream from now on. Follow the paths above and increase your earning potential. Just don’t think of cyber-fortune if you can’t do the hard work.


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